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Find out the best tips for playing Roulette at fun88 today


Bet on color

When participating in Roulette game at  you often have difficulty in choosing colors to bet? Although in this game appears only red and black 2. Thus, the chance of 2 colors appear equally with 50%. Therefore, when betting you should pay attention, only put in a certain color only. With the first you bet a little, and if you win, bet the amount 5 times.

Bet on numbers

The second trick of playing Roulette that we will tell you is how to bet on numbers. Specifically, between 1-8 and 19-36 players should bet. Its bet is as simple as betting on the colors. Players should only bet once and not too much 2 times on the numbers in the range above.

Place bets on a row

The trick of playing Roulette is to bet according to the line and according to the color, the principle is basically the same. In this way of playing; If the first bet wins, keep that bet. If it is the first time you lose, try again and spend the money along with the level you have lost the bet.

If you continue to lose, then double your bet for the next time; by just luck once with this game, you can get back all that was lost. However, no matter how you play, you cannot avoid the risks. So, be prepared psychologically, take a large amount of capital in exchange for the chance of winning and profit doubled.


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