Author Topic: Earn Rewards By Watching Jarttu84 Twitch Stream!  (Read 3945 times)


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Earn Rewards By Watching Jarttu84 Twitch Stream!
« on: October 13, 2020, 12:32:08 AM »
Earn Rewards by watching the Jarttu84 live-stream!

For every 10minutes you watch the Jarttu84 Live stream you get 1 point.
The points can be exchanged for rewards in the store.

The following rewards can be claimed from the stream store

Stream Rewards Store Q&A and Rules

Do I need to have a casino account to claim merchandise rewards?
- No you do not need any casino account to claim merchandise

Do the points expire?
– No the points do not expire.

Where can I see my current points amount?
– Join the stream and type !points in the chat and the StreamElements bot will tell your points amount in the chat and it will also send a private message about your current points amount.

Where can I claim my rewards?
– At the Streamelements store

How long does it take for my reward to arrive?
– Rewards are credited once a week.

If I have more questions where can I ask?
– You can always use the contact page for questions or on Here / Twitch you can ask from Mrmork666
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