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Meet & Greet at Tallinn 25.5.2019

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Jarttu84 Meet & Greet coming up 25.5!
It will be held on Saturday - Sunday.
The meeting will be held at Tallinn Estonia in Casino Olympic Park!
Plans are that we go with 25.5 10:30 Megastar Ship Saturday and return Sunday 26.5 with the 13:30 Megastar ship
Eating, Drinking, socializing! all the fun! Everybody can join!
Note that Tallinn airport is located only several km from the Casino
Remember that Estonia has an age restriction of 21years to enter the casinos.

You need to book your own Trip and hotel
you can either stay at the Hilton or take another hotel. Here is some that are within 1km radius
the ship can be booked via Tallink Silja

For flights, I suggest searching via or

If you are coming please post here so we can have an estimate of how much ppl are coming so the arrangements can be made accordingly!

1. Jarttu
2. MrMork666
3. Aallotar666
4. Zearox
5. Dj_Niemi
6. Henkka
7. educhkin
8. Klaspetterniklas
9. Mansikkanoppa
10. jjNumber1
11. Jokke
12. Kipa73
13. Tinde
14. Iamtheonewhoknocks
15. Perkl556
16. RvaPerkl

Menossa mukana

im so looking forward to this :) see you all soon

menossa mukana! ellei mitään vakavaa satu! :)

mukana   -educhkin


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