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Jarttu84 Meet and Greet, Tallinn 25-26.5.

Our journey to Estonia started with slight excitement, cause
our Lord Jarttu was running a bit late so he had to
 get his GTR to roar, and finally he
arrived to ship terminal with his friend
10 minutes or so before the boarding ended.

When we got to the Tallinn Megastar cruise ship,
we went to the business lounge to have something to eat and drink.
The trip went smoothly, some of us were playing slots and some
authentic Backgammon.
Food was good
and the party mood started to reach every single one of us.

At Tallinn, we checked into Hilton Park hotel.
Jarttu got the Presidential suite,
so we had a little meeting there before Jarttu and friends went to
the casino, when others
went to get some refreshments from the city.

When we all got together it was time to
put our home ice-hockey grandstand up.
The game was a semi-final between Finland and Russia
so the stakes were high.
This game was Finlands ticket
to the ice-hockey world championship
Ofc our lions took the win
and as we all now know,
Finland is the
ice hockey
World Champion
Gz to our boys!!! 8)

Then it was time for
 bit more gambling at the downstairs casino,
where Jarttu got some wins.

We went dining at Peppersack,
oldtown Tallinn.
Food was delicious
and we heard even some Swedish
drinking songs by
our Swedish and Fenno-Swedish

After dining it was time
to paaartyyy.

Doorman noticed that
”Russia beaters”
have arrived.

We had our own table at the
upstairs of
Nightclub Venus
where we witnessed some
table dancing by pretty
dancers and also some
by our own group
Video of that coming up later.


Giveaway winner Iemtheonewhoknocks flew all the way from Germany to party with us.

Next morning
arrived too fast like always when you are
having a blast.
Luckily Jarttu had some nice wins
at the casino, so that
made the seasickness
easier to bare on our way home ::)

Thank you every single one of you
who were part of our epic
party posse,
and hope we'll
see you come to the next meet and greet
as well.
There is always room for
new faces also.
Welcome to join
the Jarttu84

Thumbs up!


I hope I will come next year! :)

Looks really fun! Mayb some day :)

Nice, I´ll try to make the next one


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