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Last movie you watched?

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Either at home or at theatre.

I saw Dario Argentos Deep Red at special screening last tuesday, so good! I have seen it a couple of times from a DVD, but it was so much better from big screen.  :)

My last movie was the Finnish movie telling about Finnish rapper Cheek. I watched it cause my wife wanted to  watch it. Didnt have any expectation on it, but it turned out to be a decent one.

Movie - Avengers
TV Show : Daredeveil ( I suggest )

I have been watching the Walking Dead series from start to this point, and I am finally happy to say that things get mildly interesting(Don't want to spoil anything) :D

Latest movie I saw was The Incredibles 2, it had some nice points, and it had humour that made me laugh few times. Definitely worth to watch it, if you loved The Incredibles 1 as a child :)

La casa de Papel !!! rly nice


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