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WestCasino refuses to pay winnings

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Hello all.

Registered to WestCasino through Jarttu84 using promotional code and got 300€ (150% for 200€ deposit) bonus from them. Managed to win 3,3ke during the wagering of 14000.
After trying to withdrawal, I was asked for proof of identity and address and a selfie holding my identity card. Fine. Provided these.
After 48 hours received the following email in which they accuse me of bonus abuse. And they have just bolded the part "ip address" and are not willing to tell me more about this. All I know, is that I have played using my home connection and also my mobile connection, but this can not be a reasor for bonus confiscation, can it?

The email received from West Casino:

We hope this email finds you well.


Please be informed that the winnings (the total amount from your withdrawal request) were confiscated, according to our Terms & Conditions :






2. Each promotional bonus is limited to one per user, IP address, electronic  device, family, residential address, telephone number, credit or debit card and/or e-payment account, e-mail address, and environments where computers are shared (university, school, public library, workplace, etc.), unless otherwise stated in the Promotions' Terms.


4. West Casino reserves the right to confiscate any bonuses or winnings received in a fraudulent manner or generated from games which are restricted from being played with active bonus. West Casino rules forbid abusing bonus offers. If such abuse is discovered, the Casino has a right to confiscate the winnings and deny the player any bonus access.

What the hell. I often play with phone and pc and :O

in germany, the ip adress changes every 24hours automatically...
never had such a problem, also i play at work a lot and no casino cared

Okay, an update to this situation.
WestCasino is not co-operating and they have stopped responding to my emails.
Case filed to askgamblers and MGA and waiting for response.

PLEASE BE VERY AWARE TO PLAY AT WESTCASINO. They have no control over EveryMatrix ripping off winnings from players. And I am 100% sure I have not abused a bonus.

Any updates on this matter, curious to see the endresult of this?


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