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Evobet dont pay money! High risk!!


I have make a withdraw 11/22/2019 1000€

I got email 11/25/2019 that the withdraw is completed.. it will be in bank 1-3 days.

After that, the withdraw change in history to "allowed" - not "confirm / pay". I have ask support every day why the withdraw is not completed, they only answer "we can't give that information, you can ask next day" - then i ask next day i got answer "it is too early to ask"

There is also a 1000e limit when the withdraw is in process.. so i have another 1000e waiting.

I have ask 5min ago why the withdraw is not completed, they say again "we don't know and i cant give that answer for you"

I have 2000€ money inside without any bonuses

I've had same kind of problems with Curacao licensed casinos... that is why I stick to mga casinos nowdays.


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