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Advantages of playing at an Online Independant Casino
« on: June 13, 2020, 04:24:53 PM »
We'll take a moment here to talk about independent online casinos.
You may be asking yourself, what exactly are those types of casinos?
We all know there are many online casinos out there today. With a wide array of games and offerings, often making it hard to decide which one to choose and bet on.

Well, independent casinos are basically online casinos which are running on their own platform.
That means the casino is not running on a white label platform, but on its own site without a third party involvement. Some added benefits of building your site from scratch
is creating a vision that is unique to the identity of your brand, rather than just filling in an off the shelf template.

There are various such online casinos, and most offer a rather unique gaming experience for the user, making it an optimal choice to sign up for.

One such casino on the radar is KAJOT Casino.

KAJOT Casino has been in the game since 2012 and is licensed in Malta by the MGA. They offer exclusively designed games by Austrian developers Xatronic making up for a rather diverse portfolio. With several languages on offer, a generous welcome bonus and regular promotions, it is definitely a very attractive casino to opt for.

When choosing a casino, some of the key factors to always consider are security & safety, customer support and game selection. KAJOT ranks high on the elements above and ticks all the boxes.

In addition to the aforementioned, the advantage of playing at an independent online casino such as KAJOT comes down to one crucial factor: payout to its players.

In summary, overall 95% of bets are paid out to the players.
As KAJOT has its own game developers, unlike some other casinos, the percentage of wins gets paid out to KAJOT directly, rather than going outside to a different casino.
The funds won on KAJOT are kept within a limited number of players making it a much higher probability of players winning their money back.
Same concept applies to its player competitions. As the player pool is limited and kept within KAJOT, the competition win will go directly to a KAJOT player.

There you go, that’s our two cents on that matter. Word of advice, do some research prior to signing up and choose the casino that works best for you.

Would love to hear your thoughts !!!Thanks
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